Debt Collection: PA Mechanics’ Lien Law

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What is a PA Mechanic’s Lien?

A mechanic’s lien is a security interest, or type of hold, that is placed on the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve that property.

Section 1301 of the PA Mechanics’ Lien Law allows a contractor or subcontractor to file and perfect a mechanic’s lien against the title of property for the payment of debts due by the owner to the contractor or subcontractor for labor and materials furnished in the construction or improvement of the property. The minimum amount for a claim under the PA Mechanics’ Lien Law is $500.


Filing Requirements for a PA Mechanic’s Lien

The PA Mechanics’ Lien Law has very specific requirements for contractors and subcontractors regarding when and how to file a mechanic’s lien. As such, a contractor or subcontractor should contact an experienced PA Mechanics’ Lien attorney for assistance.


Subcontractor Formal Notice Requirements for a PA Mechanic’s Lien

The rules for subcontractors regarding a PA mechanic’s lien are different than the rules for contractors. Under §1501 of the PA Mechanics’ Lien Law, a subcontractor must provide the owner of the property with formal written notice of his or her intention to file a mechanic’s lien claim. The formal notice must include the name of the claimant, the name of the person with whom he or she contracted, the amount claimed to be due, the general nature and character of the labor or materials furnished, the date of the completion of the work, and a brief description sufficient to identify the property claimed to be subject to the lien. After the formal written notice is given, the subcontractor must then follow additional rules for filing a PA mechanic’s lien.


Timing and Service Requirements for a PA Mechanic’s Lien

To perfect a mechanic’s lien, a contractor or subcontractor must file a claim with the PA county Prothonotary within six months after completion of the work. The PA Mechanics’ Lien Law provides specific rules for the manner of service and contents of the claim. These rules must be strictly adhered to or the claim could get stricken.


Procedure for Judgment Upon a PA Mechanics’ Lien

Within two years from the date of filing of the lien, a contractor or subcontractor must file a civil complaint in the appropriate Pennsylvania court to obtain a judgment on the claim. The practice and procedure for filing the complaint is governed by the PA Rules of Civil Procedure.


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