3 Ways a Debt Collection Attorney Is More Effective than a Collection Agency

Few things are more infuriating and anxiety-inducing for individuals and businesses than debtors who will not respond to your efforts to collect the money that is rightfully yours. Whether you are collecting on an outstanding bill, a court judgment, or some other financial obligation, obtaining the money you are owed is a necessary but often frustrating and time-consuming process, especially for those who do not particularly enjoy the process of having to resort to aggressive tactics to get what is rightfully theirs.

Fortunately, services are available to manage the process of debt collection. Two common methods are employing a debt collection agency or a debt collection attorney. While each offer benefits, a debt collection attorney can help in ways that a debt collection agency is often unable to accomplish.

Correspondence From a Debt Collection Attorney Carries More Weight

A debt collection agency is basically going to do the same thing that you have already been doing, namely contacting the debtor over and over again to request payment on the debt, only perhaps more aggressively and with more frequency. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, however, curtails the ability of debt collection agencies in the manner in which they can contact debtors.

When you work with an attorney, however, that attorney will contact the debtor on your behalf with the representation that they are an attorney working on your behalf, and threaten legal action if the debt is not paid promptly. This carries significantly more weight with most debtors than repeated calls from an agency which are often ignored due to the fact that debt collection agencies have limited options beyond simply requesting the debt be paid.

A Debt Collection Attorney Can File a Lawsuit

Following from that, a debt collection attorney has the power to file a lawsuit against the debtor in state or federal court to collect the debt if the attorney’s initial demand letters are not promptly addressed.

Only attorneys can file lawsuits on behalf of other parties, and, thus, if a debt collection agency is unable to collect the debt, then an attorney will have to be retained anyway to take this legal action. Debtors who ignore legal actions filed against them will face additional penalties from the courts.

A Debt Collection Attorney Can Use Other Legal Tactics to Collect the Debt

In addition to filing a lawsuit, a debt collection attorney can take other measures to collect the debt, which can include filing liens on the debtor’s property and garnishing the debtor’s wages. An experienced debt collection attorney in your jurisdiction will have a strong understanding of the most effective ways to use legal strategies in recovering your debt that a debtor cannot ignore without facing significant legal and/or financial consequences.

How an Experienced Debt Collection Attorney Can Help

At the Martin Law Firm, P.C., we understand that collecting on business accounts in a timely manner is crucial to the success of your company. If you’re struggling to collect on delinquent accounts, we’re here to help. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients with a wide range of debt collection matters. Sometimes, seeking legal help is the only way that creditors are able to collect what they’re owed. If your business is struggling to collect on delinquent business accounts, contact us today to discuss debt collection strategies and options.

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