Debt Collection Attorney: Philadelphia, PA

The experienced commercial debt collection attorneys at The Martin Law Firm represent business and commercial creditors for business debt collection matters based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From our office location just outside of Philadelphia, in Blue Bell, PA, our skilled collections attorneys have provided successful debt collection representation for business creditors for over 10 years.

Our experienced debt collections attorneys focus on commercial debt collection matters for debtors located in Philadelphia, PA and its surrounding counties. Our collections attorneys do not typically handle debt collection matters for individuals. Pennsylvania law places strict time limits on how long you have to collect a debt from a Philadelphia debtor. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact a Philadelphia collections attorney as soon as possible if you would like to pursue a debt collection action against a Philadelphia debtor. Contact an experienced Philadelphia collections attorney at The Martin Law Firm for a free case evaluation at 215-646-3980 for a free case evaluation.


Philadelphia Debt Collections Overview

Over the years, our Philadelphia collections attorneys have represented businesses, both large and small, who have unpaid accounts from debtors located in Philadelphia, PA. Often, the reason for the unpaid account is: (1) the debtor simply does not want to pay; (2) the debtor is unable to pay, i.e., insolvent; (3) the debtor believes that he should not pay as a result of poor service, damaged goods, or unsatisfactory performance; or (4) the debtor believes a legal issue will bar debt recovery. Before commencing a lawsuit, a skilled, honest Philadelphia collections attorney will take the time to communicate with you to fully understand the debt collection matter and discuss risks and obstacles so that you can make well-informed decisions about how to pursue recovery.

Our trained Philadelphia collections attorneys represent business creditors in many industries, including banking, commercial lending, mortgage companies, construction, information technology, and professional services.


Commercial Debt Collection Strategy for Philadelphia Collections

Our commercial debt collection practice prides itself on excellent client communication and efficient results. Our Philadelphia collections attorneys understand that unpaid accounts can cripple a business, and we know our clients cannot afford to waste time pursuing fruitless collection efforts. Understanding these concerns, our Philadelphia collections attorneys incorporate the following in its debt collection strategies and effective client representation:

Your Philadelphia collections attorney will take the time to identify the proper name and address of the debtor. Moving too quickly through this process can ultimately prevent successful debt collections. If a lawsuit is commenced in Philadelphia and the proper party is not named as defendant, time limits prescribed by PA state law could bar recovery against the debtor. In some situations, the debtor has multiple business entities, such as home builders or contractors. When there is no written contract between the parties, sometimes questions exist as to whom or with what entity the client actually conducted business. These questions cannot be taken lightly, as Philadelphia debtors often attempt to avoid liability by establishing different corporate entities to create confusion.

Your experienced collections attorney will also help you to accurately calculate the full amount of the debt. Sometimes, this a straightforward calculation; however, there are often scenarios that can cause some confusion, such as when services have not been completed or goods have been returned to the business creditor. In some situations, you may be entitled to interest that has accrued over time and/or attorney fees. If these items are overlooked, you may be prohibited from recovering them at a later time.

A reputable Philadelphia debt collection law firm should always use a written fee agreement with reasonable fees for debt collection services. Our Philadelphia collections attorneys handle debt collection matters on contingency, hourly rate, or a combination of both. Before undertaking a commercial debt collection matter, our Philadelphia collections attorneys take the time to consider the type of debt, amount of debt, potential legal issues, length of delinquency and other items before having a fee discussion with the client. You can then discuss an appropriate and reasonable fee arrangement before work is commenced on your case.

Finally, before commencing a lawsuit in Philadelphia County, your debt collection attorney will discuss legal strategies with you. These strategies may take the form of a demand letter or proceeding straight to a lawsuit, depending on the legal issues involved in your particular case. Legal issues will be identified at the outset, and the legal procedures for obtaining a judgment or settlement will be conveyed to you. Commercial debt collection matters can include a significant amount of legal issues, procedural obstacles, and detailed trial preparation. Commercial debt collection matters are more than just a simple demand for money.


Philadelphia Collections Attorneys in Pennsylvania

If you are business, large or small, facing a debt collection matter based in Philadelphia, you should consider retaining a quality Philadelphia collections attorney from The Martin Law Firm to pursue your creditors’ rights. Our experienced Philadelphia collections attorneys offer a free case evaluation for commercial debt collection matters. Contact The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980 for a free case evaluation.