If you’re a business owner, one of the most frustrating obstacles you can encounter in the course of running your business is the issue of late-paying or non-paying customers.  In a downsized economy, many businesses find themselves facing increased accounts receivables because of non-paying customers or clients.  The Martin Law Firm represents business creditors with enforcing and protecting their rights as creditors against their non-paying customers.

Debt collection is one vital aspect of creditors’ rights.  Business debt collection is often one of the main failing points of an unsuccessful business.  This is not always the business owner’s fault.  One unfortunate reality in the business world is that sometimes, despite a business owner’s due diligence, a customer has no intention of paying you for goods or services provided.

Facing creditor’s rights issues as a business owner can be complex and overwhelming.  Business owners play many roles to accomplish day-to-day tasks in their business, and there comes a time when it may be appropriate to seek professional assistance for help with debt collection matters.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Before hiring a PA creditor’s rights attorney, business owners must perform a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that this decision makes sense financially.  You don’t want to end up paying more in legal fees than what your business debt is worth in the first place.  The last thing you want is to lose more money as a result of your debtor.

If the account is small, you should consider pursuing the matter yourself through small claims court.  Small claims court can provide favorable resolutions for business creditors in PA, especially if the dollar amount involved is relatively modest.  Filing a case in small claims court is usually rather simple, and you probably do not need the assistance of an attorney to proceed.  Filing fees for small claims court in PA can vary from county to county.  You are also required to present your own case, and you are expected to have evidence, documentation, and a working knowledge of applicable law.  If the debt is large and you may be able to recover a decent portion of it, then you may want to proceed with hiring a PA creditor’s rights attorney.

Time Limits for Enforcement of a Creditor’s Rights in PA

Time is of the essence when it comes to creditor’s rights issues in PA.  Statistically, if you haven’t received payment within 90 days of your original invoice, your customer probably is not going to pay you willingly.  At this point, it may be time to consider pursuing more aggressive debt collection strategies with the assistance of an experienced PA creditor’s rights attorney.  The more quickly your business hires a PA creditor’s rights attorney, the greater your likelihood for success.

Pennsylvania law prescribes strict time limits for business debt collection actions.  Failure to take legal action within a certain amount of time under PA statute can result in forfeiture of a creditor’s rights.  No matter what kind of client or customer you are dealing with, acting quickly will ensure that you maintain your right to money owed.

The Advantages of Hiring a PA Creditor’s Rights Attorney

Hiring an experienced professional creditor’s rights attorney has several advantages.  Experienced creditors’ rights attorneys know how to analyze the law and utilize the PA legal system to systematically solve business debt issues.  Debtors know that commercial litigation is expensive and time-consuming; therefore, the mere threat of going to court has the potential to incite your debtor into paying you.  For this reason, professional correspondence from a PA creditor’s rights attorney may be all that you need to motivate your client into paying you what you are rightfully owed.

Creditors’ rights attorneys are professionals that specialize in contacting parties on behalf of businesses to collect debt payments.  They are professional services and can often be useful for a business as a go-between with the other party.  An experienced PA creditor’s rights attorney can help avoid confrontations between the debtor and the creditor.  Utilizing a creditor’s rights attorney can help you resolve your business debt collection matter through the legal process and court system.

Debt collection for businesses can sometimes get complex.  If you’re facing any legal issues or concerns regarding debt collection for your business, you may wish to contact an attorney immediately.  An experienced PA creditor’s rights attorney can assist you by showing you your various options under the laws in Pennsylvania.  Also, if you need to file a lawsuit or work with the creditor to reach a settlement agreement, a qualified creditor’s rights attorney can provide you with guidance and representation during the process.

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