Same-sex Adoption In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania state and federal law have made remarkable strides in recent decades in honoring the rights of same-sex couples to enjoy the benefits of marriage and raise children in a manner that is fully respected by the law. Perhaps nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the area of adoption of children by same-sex couples. The LGBT community in Pennsylvania have been champions for children across the state in providing loving homes and parental relationships through the adoption process that far exceeds the average rate of adoption.

At The Martin Law Firm, P.C., one of our greatest passions is working with parents to plan and finalize adoptions of children, and we look forward to working with you to build your home through a same-sex adoption.

Stepparent, Second Parent, and Assisted Reproduction Adoptions in Pennsylvania

Stepparent and second parent adoptions are some of the most common types of adoptions that same-sex couples seek in Pennsylvania. In a stepparent adoption, the married partner of a biological parent of a child will seek to become the legal parent of the child as well. This means that the stepparent will assume the legal responsibility for financially supporting the child, which continues after a  divorce, should that come to pass. The stepparent will also have rights to custody and visitation in such a scenario. In a second parent adoption, the process is similar, except that the two parents are not married to one another during the adoption process

In both stepparent and second parent adoptions, there will have to be a termination of the parents of the other biological parent not in the marriage or relationship. While this can be offered voluntarily, this may require a court action involving hearings and legal arguments as termination of parental rights cuts off that other parent’s rights to custody and visitation.

Our attorneys also work with parents in assisted reproduction matters to ensure that you and your partner are legally considered the parents of the child, and that third parties will not assert rights to the child that you did not intend in your arrangement.   

Fost-adopt, Agency, and International Adoptions in Pennsylvania

Our family law attorneys also work with same-sex couples in addressing all legal needs related to adoptions which are completed through foster care services, and both domestic and international adoption agencies. We will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you are able to build your home with minimal delay and legal obstacles.

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