Do I Need a Lawyer to Bring a Qui Tam (False Claims Act) Claim in Pennsylvania?

Through bringing a False Claims Act (FCA) claim – or qui tam lawsuit as they are frequently referred to – you can assist your fellow taxpayers by recovering money illegally siphoned from the federal government while potentially winning a significant financial reward for yourself.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud are common grounds for successful FCA claims, and many whistleblowers in the healthcare world have been able to recover multi-million dollar rewards for their efforts, as whistleblowers stand to collect anywhere between 15% to 25% of the ultimate financial recovery made in a successful FCA claim. Given the fact that Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year, the recoveries for successful whistleblowers in these type of FCA claims can be quite large.

One question for a potential whistleblower is whether they need to work with a lawyer in bringing their FCA claim. Here are several reasons why working with an experienced qui tam attorney can greatly increase your chances for a successful financial award.

Your Attorney Can Help You Assess Your Claim

Bringing a successful qui tam suit can mean millions of dollars in personal financial recovery, but make no mistake that they are lengthy affairs with uncertain outcomes. The last thing you want to do is risk your time, energy, resources, and goodwill on an FCA claim without merit.

By speaking with an experienced Pennsylvania qui tam attorney, your attorney can help you assess whether you have sufficient grounds for pursuing a case and what the next steps (if any) should be taken.

Your Attorney Can Help Gather and Present Evidence

If you do have solid grounds for pursuing a qui tam case, your attorney will help you gather the evidence necessary to be included in the initial complaint that is filed against the offending entity and will draft and file this complaint on your behalf. An experienced FCA attorney in a Medicare or Medicaid healthcare fraud claim will know what evidence needs to be sought and how it should best be presented to get beyond the procedural hurdles that stand in your way.

Getting the Department of Justice-Involved

An important step in an FCA claim is to persuade the Department of Justice (DOJ) to join in the lawsuit. By doing so, the DOJ will lend its manpower to building the case, and this will be a positive sign that your case is a strong one. The involvement of the DOJ can greatly increase your chances for a whistleblower reward, and an experienced qui tam attorney will understand the evidence that the DOJ will want to see in an initial complaint to encourage their ongoing involvement.

Representation Can Help Avoid Retaliation

By working with an experienced FCA attorney, you can also take further steps to protect yourself from illegal retaliation by your employer or other entity that has committed health care fraud. Your attorney will work to preserve your anonymity for as long as possible and take aggressive actions against potential retaliation.

Qui Tam Attorneys Generally Work on a Contingency Basis

It is important to understand that qui tam attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, meaning they only collect a legal fee as a portion of your recovery, if and when that occurs.

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