Separating Emotion and the Law in Divorce

Divorce is adversarial by nature and often involves a great deal of raw emotion.  The common issues in a Pennsylvania divorce are intimate, including a client’s home, children, material possessions,  retirement, income, and savings.  For many, divorce is a devastating transition that triggers some of the worst feelings in the spectrum of human emotion.  While a volatile state of mind is certainly understandable given the difficulty inherent in the decision to end “happily ever after” with a divorce action, this comes at a time when important legal decisions must be made.

Since many, if not most, individuals in the midst of a divorce will be affected by their emotions at some point, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for them to make rational decisions that are in their own best interest.  This is one key reason why the counsel of an experienced PA divorce attorney can be so valuable.  Armed with experience, legal insight, and knowledge that the client’s behavior is rooted in deeper emotional issues, a skilled divorce attorney can successfully guide the client through the Pennsylvania divorce process to reach the best possible outcome.

The role of a divorce attorney involves aiding clients through the legal system in their transition from being part of a married couple to successfully divorced.  As an experienced Montgomery County divorce attorney, I often observe and counsel clients who are undergoing such an emotional crisis that their behavior becomes self-sabotaging.  Without appropriate legal guidance, this surge in negative emotion can inadvertently interfere with  what is already a difficult divorce process.

For example, when a spouse sets out to punish the other spouse via the legal system, this can create an all-out battle without the restraint of an experienced divorce attorney.  Emotion-based arguments between two unreasonable parties will serve only to run up high legal fees and draw out the divorce process.  Clients who are blinded by rage, greed, or other emotion can be stubborn to their own detriment.  This is where a good divorce lawyer comes in.  A good divorce attorney should lay out the client’s options and explain which courses of action are advisable.  The attorney should provide the client with reality checks about the likelihood of success and should be transparent about costs from the outset.  It’s important for the attorney to remind the client that the less emotional people are during a divorce, the more likely they are to keep their costs down.  While the client is certainly under no obligation to follow every piece of advice provided by his or her divorce attorney, repeatedly ignoring the advice of a skilled and rational legal professional is most likely not in the best interest of the client or his or her family.

Distance from raw emotion is a critical part of the role of a successful divorce attorney.  Sound legal judgment that is uncomplicated by the client’s divorce-induced emotions will help to minimize costly conflicts during this process.

A skilled divorce attorney requires not only legal intelligence, but also emotional intelligence in order to effectively represent a client for a Pennsylvania divorce.  A divorce attorney must do what he or she can to reduce conflict and foster an environment that helps the client stay focused, goal-oriented, and calm.  An empathetic divorce attorney can see through the client’s emotional state and not allow these emotions to impede a successful legal resolution.

Divorce is rarely easy.  With the help of a skilled divorce attorney, however, clients can work to become less reactive and more in control of their emotions.  When an experienced and skilled PA divorce attorney has the opportunity to work with a rational family law client, it is far easier to work cooperatively to develop the best possible divorce resolution.  At The Martin Law Firm, our experienced PA divorce attorneys have been handling family law matters in Southeast Pennsylvania  for over 10 years.  We are familiar with the emotional devastation that can accompany divorce, and we work compassionately with our clients to achieve the best possible result in light of unfortunate circumstances.  If you are interested in effective legal representation, contact The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980 to discuss your case with an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney.

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Help simplify your divorce and streamline the legal process by downloading our free Pennsylvania Divorce Worksheet.  Our free PA Divorce Worksheet will provide you with a comprehensive outline of the issues involved in your divorce.  You will gain valuable insight into your case, and completing the Divorce Worksheet prior to your initial meeting with your PA attorney may save you valuable time and money.

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