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Health Care Fraud / False Claims Act Defense

Qui Tam Basics

“Qui tam” is a provision in the federal False Claims Act that encourages private citizens, through a qualified qui tam lawyer, to file lawsuits on the government’s behalf seeking recovery of government money obtained by way of fraud and/or false claims. These legal actions are commonly referred to as whistleblower lawsuits. Qui tam lawsuits are a powerful way for whistleblowers to help the government stop health care fraud.

A qui tam whistleblower lawsuit is filed under seal and remains sealed during the ensuing investigation. This means that the lawsuit is not disclosed to the public, or even to the defendant, and cannot be discussed with anyone but government officials and your qui tam lawyer. The purpose of sealing the case is so that the government can conduct its investigation without interference. A whistleblower’s identity is kept sealed during this period as well. Typically, a False Claims Act lawsuit will remain sealed for 2-4 years.

At the conclusion of the seal period, the government opts whether to join the case. If the government joins your case, the lawsuit is served on the defendant, and the government and your qui tam attorney work together on the prosecution of the case. If the government does not join the lawsuit, a whistleblower may still choose to pursue the case on his or her own.


Health Care Fraud | The False Claims Act

The False Claims Act provides whistleblowers with a strong incentive to disclose known instances of fraud against the government. Congress amended this law in 1986, increasing the reward for whistleblowers to 15 to 30% of the financial damages recovered. According to a Department of Justice report, since 1986, qui tam whistleblower lawsuits have recovered over $13 billion.

Violation of the False Claims Act involves making fraudulent claims for payment from the government. For health care providers, this typically translates to submitting false claims to government health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Any health care provider or entity that receives payment from a federally funded program and is not in full compliance with the relevant laws is potentially liable under the False Claims Act even without evidence of direct, intentional fraud in billing or reimbursement.


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