The Martin Law Firm is a southeast Pennsylvania divorce law firm located on Skippack Pike/Route 73, just outside of North Wales, PA. Divorce, child custody, and other family law matters can be among the most stressful issues you may face in your lifetime. Our experienced divorce lawyers provide expert legal counsel to our clients in North Wales, PA for divorce and child custody actions in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

Child Custody Procedures in North Wales, PA

A child custody action in North Wales, PA begins with one party filing a complaint for custody in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. Once a child custody complaint is filed, the Montgomery County Court will assign a mediator to your case, and all parties will be required to attend a mediation orientation session. All parties to the custody action will also be required to attend “Our Children First”, an educational seminar about the responsibilities of separated and/or divorced parents.

If necessary, the parties and their respective child custody lawyers attend a custody conciliation conference with an assigned Montgomery County, PA custody conciliator. The purpose of the custody conciliation conference is to attempt to reach a mutual resolution and for the parties to agree upon an order that is submitted to the court for a judge’s signature. If an agreed order can be reached, no further court appearance is necessary. Child custody cases that are not resolved by the conciliator are forwarded to the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas for scheduling before a judge.

If necessary, a short list hearing/conference is then scheduled before a judge at the Montgomery County Courthouse. This provides the parties with an opportunity to work out their differences and to reach a custody agreement with judicial assistance. If your child custody matter is not resolved at this conference, a full child custody hearing will be scheduled.

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The experienced divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm represent parties in North Wales, PA that are involved in family law disputes, including divorce, child support, and other related matters. Our North Wales divorce lawyers will provide you with exceptional legal counsel and a support staff who realize that divorce and child custody decisions can have permanent effects on the well-being of both the parents and the children involved. Our experienced North Wales, PA divorce lawyers are committed to providing you with the skill and expertise necessary to meet your divorce, child custody, and other family law needs.

Our divorce lawyers offer a free case evaluation for family law matters based in North Wales, PA. During your initial case evaluation, the facts of your case will be examined by an experienced divorce lawyer. Your lawyer will discuss the legal issues involved in your case and will present you with a plan for how best to proceed to reach your goals. Contact The Martin Law Firm today to schedule your free case evaluation with a skilled North Wales divorce lawyer.