Divorce and family law presents unique challenges compared with other areas of legal practice. Our Willow Grove, PA divorce lawyers take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns and use our skills and resources to represent you and to help you achieve your desired objectives.

The Martin Law Firm believes that successful advocacy requires communicating with you, understanding your needs and the needs of your children, and giving you quality representation through efficiency and knowledge of the law. Our Willow Grove, PA divorce lawyers have successfully negotiated a large number of out-of-court settlements which saves our clients time and money by reaching the desired result through effective settlement talks. When necessary, our divorce lawyers will prepare for and appear in court for you when a negotiated settlement is not possible. We have litigated legal issues when it is in our client’s best interest to do so.

Our Willow Grove, PA divorce lawyers will counsel you on the objectives and the means by which to achieve those objectives. We are careful to keep you apprised of case developments at all stages so you can make informed decisions. Each case is different, and we pride ourselves on treating our clients with personal attention.

When it comes to divorce and family law matters, our Willow Grove, PA divorce lawyers can help you understand whether you should have primary custody of the children; which spouse should retain the marital home; whether you are entitled to spousal support or alimony and if so, how much; whether you are entitled to your spouse’s retirement savings plans; and determine who should pay the marital debts.

Willow Grove, PA Divorce Lawyers

If you are a Willow Grove resident and a party to a divorce action you should hire a Willow Grove, PA divorce lawyer for representation throughout the legal process. It is also important to speak with a divorce attorney prior to commencement of the divorce action to get as much information as possible. Armed with knowledge about the divorce process and expectations for child custody, spousal support, and property division prior to the filing of a divorce complaint can help set your mind at ease and help you prepare for your future.

Many decisions made early on in the process will impact the situation, so it is important that you make the right decision with the assistance of a divorce lawyer. Pennsylvania divorce laws can be complex, and if you are unfamiliar with the laws, the process can be confusing and scary. Our Willow Grove divorce lawyers will explain the steps to the divorce process and give you the information that you need to feel comfortable and secure with the expected results and decisions that you will have to make during the process.

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