Norristown, Pennsylvania is located slightly Philadelphia and is the county seat of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Montgomery County Court House is located in the heart of Norristown, PA, and this is the location where all divorce and other family law matters are filed for the county.

Divorce and other family law matters based in Norristown, PA can be extremely stressful for anyone. If you plan on filing for divorce in Norristown, PA, or if you have had a Divorce Complaint filed against you in Norristown, an experienced divorce lawyer from The Martin Law Firm can provide you with quality legal counsel and practical assistance.

Divorce and other family law matters based in Norristown are generally emotionally charged legal issues that involve very personal subjects, including your home, your children and your finances. As a party to a Norristown, PA divorce, you must do what you can to protect yourself by choosing competent, high-quality legal representation. Once you have made the decision to divorce, your first step should be to hire a skilled Norristown, PA divorce lawyer.

The Divorce Process in Norristown, PA

The Pennsylvania divorce process is initiated when one party files a PA Divorce Complaint in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, located in Norristown, PA. The Divorce Complaint is then served upon the other party.

Several issues can arise in a divorce filed in Norristown, PA. The parties must resolve issues concerning their property, assets, and debts as well as child custody, child support, and alimony matters, if necessary. If both parties are in agreement, then the divorce may be finalized without a trial. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, however, the court in Norristown will schedule a hearing to resolve these issues.

Contact A Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer in King of Prussia, PA

Although our Norristown, PA divorce lawyers cannot provide legal advice in the absence of an attorney-client relationship, our divorce lawyers will be happy to learn the basic circumstances of your case to identify the legal issues that should be addressed. If you opt to hire our divorce lawyers to represent you in your divorce, your case will be handled with the utmost respect and professionalism by our seasoned attorneys and staff. Contact The Martin Law Firm today at 215-646-3980 to speak with an experienced Norristown, PA divorce lawyer.