Horsham, PA Divorce LawyersThe Horsham PA divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm have been practicing in the areas of divorce and family law in Montgomery County since the firm’s inception in 2001. If you are searching for a divorce lawyer in or near Horsham, PA, please contact us today.

We recognize the importance of information, as many men and women want to avoid making a hasty decision to file for divorce. Montgomery County residents in the Horsham area can click on our various pages to stay in tune with family and divorce law resources and relevant divorce blog articles along with our PA divorce law home page. Nothing, however, can replace the advice of a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer.

Horsham, PA Divorce Lawyers at The Martin Law Firm

If you are considering filing for divorce, we recommend that you contact us to schedule a conference with one of our divorce lawyers. During this conference, a lawyer will discuss with you the problems that give rise to your desire to obtain a divorce. In addition, the lawyer will help you identify the legal issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, and equitable division of marital property.

Specific issues can also be addressed which may include how to handle fear or anxiety of the other spouse, how divorce may affect the children’s living arrangement, whether to create a separate bank account, how to establish a separation, whether to contribute to the home mortgage and other expenses, and the list goes on. Many men and women make the mistake of making decisions and taking action without consulting with a divorce lawyer which could lead to problems down the road.

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If you are considering a divorce or if you are named as a defendant in a divorce proceeding, you should contact a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. The Martin Law Firm is located in Blue Bell, PA and we have represented many Horsham, PA men and women who need a divorce lawyer. Call us at 215-646-3980.