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The Martin Law Firm is an experienced Montgomery County, PA divorce law firm that handles all aspects of divorce and family law for men and women living in or near Harleysville, PA. Since 2001, The Martin Law Firm has accomplished successful results in divorce and family law matters that include equitable division of marital property, child custody, child support, and alimony and spousal support. For men and women looking for a divorce lawyer in Harleysville, PA or the surrounding area, please check out our website for information in our Family Law Blog or our Divorce Resource Page and contact one of our attorneys.


Harleysville, PA Divorce Lawyers at The Martin Law Firm

The divorce process can be simple, especially when the parties have been married a short time, have not accumulated a lot of assets, have no children and remain somewhat amicable, despite the reasons for the divorce. However, divorce matters can be complex when the parties are angry with one another, feel resentment and want revenge for things that may have occurred during the marriage. Also, adding children to the volatile situation, a significant amount of assets, and respectable incomes for husband or wife or both, and the divorce process can be complex.

The Harleysville divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm have experience with both situations. In many situations, negotiating an out of court settlement or agreement for a division of assets or a custody schedule can save the client time, money and a lot of heartache. But, agreements between the parties cannot always be reached, and when that happens, a divorce lawyer with courtroom experience is extremely valuable.


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