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Since 2001, the East Norriton Divorce Lawyers at The Martin Law Firm have been representing Montgomery County residents with divorce and family law matters. Located in Blue Bell, PA our divorce lawyers assist men and women in East Norriton, PA and the surrounding areas.

A Pennsylvania Divorce can be a simple process if both Husband and Wife consent to the divorce. In those situations, establishing grounds for divorce can simply be achieved with the timely filing of an Affidavit of Consent. Even when both parties file the Affidavits, sometimes there are other related matters that can cause some complexity. For example, the parties to the divorce may have young children and the mother and father have a dispute over child custody. Another example may be disagreements over the financial matters including support and the equitable division of marital property.

Sometimes, establishing the grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania may not be a simple process. If either Husband or Wife refuses to consent, then the other party must either prove a separation existed for 2 years or more or the he or she must prove fault based divorce grounds.


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