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Men and Women living in Bryn Mawr, PA and other areas of Montgomery County who are thinking of filing for divorce or who have been named in a divorce complaint should retain a PA divorce lawyer. The Martin Law Firm, located in nearby Blue Bell, PA, has represented a large number of men and women for Bryn Mawr divorce proceedings that take place in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. These proceedings include simple and complex divorce, custody of the children, child support and spousal support, alimony, and equitable distribution of property.

Divorce and family matters are very sensitive for the parties involved, including the children. Your custody time with the children and your financial picture going forward after the divorce is finalized are perhaps the most important legal matters for our clients in any area of the law. As such, the divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm take the time to understand what is important to you, help you identify the priorities, and then take action to help you achieve desired results.


PA Divorce Lawyers in Bryn Mawr

There are many PA divorce lawyers, but the right divorce lawyer for you should communicate with you as often as necessary, have knowledge of the law, work effectively and efficiently for you, and not be afraid to fight on your behalf in court. For years, we have worked hard to refine our skills. We review recent court decisions and changes in the law so that we are kept apprised of trends that can help you. We make ourselves available to you day and night through telephone, email, and when necessary, face-to-face meetings.

We want to share our knowledge and information with you. We have created a Family Law Blog that has articles written by our PA divorce lawyers. In addition, we created a Montgomery County, PA Divorce Resource Page. This resource center has information and links that can help you better understand the objectives you want to achieve and how to achieve them in most PA divorce and family law matters.


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If you are a resident of Bryn Mawr, PA and you are looking for a Bryn Mawr, PA divorce lawyer, please call The Martin Law Firm. Our office is a short drive from Bryn Mawr and conveniently located near the Montgomery County Courthouse.