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Men and Women living in Ardmore, PA or the surrounding area, who are looking for a PA divorce lawyer, should find a reputable law firm located in Montgomery County, PA. Ardmore, PA divorce matters take place in the Montgomery County Court of Common Please located in Norristown. The Martin Law Firm divorce lawyers have represented Ardmore residents in divorce and family law matters since 2001.


Ardmore, PA Divorce Lawyers

The Martin Law Firm is located on Skippack Pike in Blue Bell, PA. Since the firm’s inception, the divorce lawyers have earned successful outcomes for its clients in Ardmore, PA and the rest of Montgomery County. The firm’s lawyers pride themselves on their knowledge of the law, their ability to negotiate amicable divorce settlements, their courtroom experience, and their commitment to being available clients by phone, by email and by in-person meetings at the firm’s office.


Establishing Divorce in Ardmore, PA

Pennsylvania divorce can occur by way of the consent of both parties, establishing a two year continuous separation or through fault of one of the parties. Common ways fault based divorce grounds can be established are adultery or abuse. The Ardmore, PA divorce lawyers at The Martin Law Firm will discuss the divorce process with you and describe how they can help you achieve your objectives. Along with the divorce process, our lawyers will represent you in child custody matters along with alimony, support, and equitable division of marital property.


Our Ardmore, PA Divorce Resources

Our divorce lawyers offer in-office consultations that enable you to sit down with a lawyer and talk about your specific situation. The lawyer can describe how the law applies to your situation and the procedures that apply. Through this consultation, our lawyers will hope to earn your trust by way of honest dialogue and sharing experiences and knowledge with you.


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If you would like more information from our Ardmore divorce lawyers or would like to schedule a consultation, please call our office today at 215-646-3980.