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For many couples, alimony is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, financial consequences of a divorce for both spouses in Pennsylvania. Even where there are limited financial assets to split up at the time of the divorce, court-ordered alimony can last for years, far exceeding the costs involved in property distribution. And when there is at least one high-earner in the marriage, alimony can involve many thousands of dollars a month. Because the economic implications of alimony can be enormous and long-lasting for both the potential paying spouse and the receiving spouse, it is important to work with an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney who can ensure that your interests are protected under the law and that all evidence is presented to the court and/or the other spouse in your favor. At The Martin Law Firm, P.C., in Montgomery County, PA, our experienced family law team will pursue your best outcome in your alimony and alimony pendent lite matter to protect your financial interests throughout your divorce and beyond.

When Alimony is Available in PA

The purpose of alimony is to provide for one spouse after a divorce where that spouse depended on the other spouse for financial support during the marriage. Under Pennsylvania law, courts will award alimony as they deem reasonable if there is a finding of necessity asserted by the receiving party. Determining whether necessity exists is a complex analysis, and the court will examine evidence and listen to arguments for both parties based on the following factors, among others:

  • The relative earnings and earning capacities of the parties
  • The ages and the physical, mental and emotional conditions of the parties
  • The sources of income of both parties, including, but not limited to, medical, retirement, insurance or other benefits
  • The expectancies and inheritances of the parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The contribution by one party to the education, training or increased earning power of the other party
  • The extent to which the earning power, expenses or financial obligations of a party will be affected by reason of serving as the custodian of a minor child
  • The standard of living of the parties established during the marriage
  • The relative ability of the party seeking alimony to find appropriate employment
  • The relative assets and liabilities of the parties
  • The property brought to the marriage by either party
  • The contribution of a spouse as homemaker
  • The relative needs of the parties
  • The marital misconduct of either of the parties during the marriage (e.g. abuse, infidelity)

Alimony can last for many years after a divorce. Because the amount of factors and types of evidence that a court will analyze is so complex, working with an experienced family law attorney can have a huge impact in how the court treats your interests in setting alimony, and the family law team at The Martin Law Firm is dedicated to working towards their clients’ best outcomes in all alimony proceedings.

Alimony Pendent Lite

Alimony pendent lite is alimony that is paid to one spouse throughout the course of seeking a divorce, and it is important to work with an attorney as quickly as possibly to address needs in this area. Even if you are not sure whether to proceed with a divorce, talking with an attorney from the earliest stages regarding seeking alimony pendent lite can provide needed protection at the most challenging times of your potential divorce.

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