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Developing a well thought-out and properly drafted estate plan is important for any parent in Montgomery County, PA, but for a parent of a child with special needs, it is absolutely essential. Since providing funds directly to your loved one with special needs can cause his or her government benefits to cease, parents often wonder how they can effectively provide for their adult child. Luckily, there is a PA estate planning tool specifically designed to address this precise situation: the Special Needs Trust.

A Special Needs Trust, also referred to as a Supplemental Needs Trust or “SNT”, is an estate planning tool that is used by one person to set aside funds for the benefit of another person (usually a child or grandchild) who is disabled. Our Montgomery County, PA Special Needs Trust lawyers assist parents and/or other individuals to create and implement a Special Needs Trust for a disabled child or adult under age 65.

Your PA Special Needs Trust lawyer will draft a Special Needs Trust to be completely discretionary, meaning that the trust funds will not be counted for purposes of determining eligibility for public benefits, such as Social Security Income.


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The Martin Law Firm has been a trusted source of legal representation for families, partners, and individuals in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. Our experienced PA Special Needs Trust lawyers are skilled at drafting Montgomery County Special Needs Trusts as well as other estate planning tools for parents and other relatives of those with special needs. Contact a Special Needs Trust lawyer at The Martin Law Firm today to discuss the benefits of the Special Needs Trust or other estate planning needs. We offer a free case evaluation, and we keep our schedules flexible for your convenience.