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The Martin Law Firm, P.C. routinely represents individuals, traditional married couples and same sex couples for estate planning and incapacity planning. We provide comprehensive legal services that goes beyond the preparation of a standard will. We take the time to sit down with you to review your objectives for asset distribution upon death, trust planning for children, minimizing taxes, planning for disability or incapacity and other considerations that are unique to you.

After our initial consultation with you, an estate planning lawyer will prepare the documents to effectuate your goals. The documents will often include your Last Will and Testament or Trust, Power of Attorney for financial and healthcare decisions, and a Living Will. Our estate planning services also include more complex planning when the situation calls for trust planning or business succession planning.

Standard Estate Planning
Our standard estate planning services often include the following:

Customized Estate Planning
In certain instances, Trust planning can help our clients best achieve their objectives, especially for asset protection and minimizing taxes. This advanced estate planning may include:

Estate Planning For Children With Special Needs
We also provide highly customized services for children with special needs. Our firm can help you set up a special needs trust so that a child’s eligibility for government benefits can remain intact while at the same time the parent(s) can supplement those benefits.


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Most of our clients have busy work schedules and other commitments so our estate planning lawyers are flexible. We offer evening appointments, if necessary. Contact us today to discuss our fees and our process for creating your estate plan.