Will probate is defined as “proving” a Will by submission of the Last Will and Testament of a decedent to the City of Philadelphia Register of Wills. If the Will is deemed valid, the Philadelphia Register of Wills grants Letters Testamentary to the executor named in the Will. For an intestate estate (without a valid Will), the Philadelphia Register of Wills will appoint an estate administrator and issue Letters of Administration. The executor or administrator of the estate is then responsible for complying with Pennsylvania law for administration of the estate. Executors and administrators typically proceed with the assistance of a skilled Philadelphia probate attorney.

Philadelphia Register of Wills

All Philadelphia County, PA Will probate and estate administration matters must be handled through the City of Philadelphia Register of Wills office. The Philadelphia Register of Wills is located in Room 180, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19107, and their telephone number is 215-686-6250. The Philadelphia Register of Wills office plays an important role in the PA estate administration process.

Responsibilities of an Executor or Administrator for a Philadelphia Estate

For a Philadelphia-based estate, an executor or administrator’s responsibilities are numerous and complicated. The role of executor or administrator can be very difficult without appropriate guidance or resources. For these reasons, an executor or administrator of an estate usually retains an experienced Philadelphia probate lawyer to ensure that the estate is properly administered. Failure to administer a Philadelphia estate properly can result in personal liability for the executor or administrator.

Our experienced Philadelphia probate lawyers typically assist executors and administrators with the following tasks associated with the estate administration process in PA:

  • Notice to estate beneficiaries with certification of notice to the Philadelphia Register of Wills
  • Notice to estate creditors
  • Establishment of an estate bank account
  • Proper distribution of estate assets
  • Payment of estate debts
  • Managing claims made against the estate
  • Completion and filing of an Estate Inventory
  • Preparation and filing of PA Inheritance Tax Returns
  • Preparation and filing of federal estate tax returns
  • Formal closing of the estate

Will Probate Lawyer | Philadelphia County, PA

If you are named as an executor or administrator for an estate in Philadelphia, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, or elsewhere throughout Philadelphia County, PA, an experienced Will probate lawyer from The Martin Law Firm can help ease the burden associated with this stressful process. Contact The Martin Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Philadelphia Will probate lawyer.