The experienced probate lawyers at The Martin Law Firm regularly assist executors and administrators with the administration of estates in Norristown, PA as well as the surrounding areas. Properly administering and closing a Pennsylvania estate can be overwhelming, especially in the wake of the death of a loved one. At The Martin Law Firm, your knowledgeable Norristown probate lawyer will provide compassionate guidance throughout the entire estate administration process, ensuring that your responsibilities as executor or administrator are met and that that you remain protected from personal liability throughout the process.

Probate and Estate Administration in Norristown, PA

When a loved one passes away near Norristown, PA, there are certain protocols that must be followed in order to properly administer that person’s estate. The person who has died is referred to as the decedent. Any property that was owned solely by the decedent becomes part of the decedent’s estate.

One of two scenarios may exist when a loved one dies in or near Norristown, PA. Either the decedent has a valid PA Last Will & Testament that names an executor of the estate, or the decedent does not have a valid Will. When there is no valid Will, the estate is called “intestate,” and an administrator of the estate must be appointed. In either case, the estate must be handled through the Montgomery County Register of Wills office, located in Norristown, PA.

Montgomery County Register of Wills | Norristown, PA

The Montgomery County Register of Wills probates Wills and processes intestate estates for all of Montgomery County, PA. The Montgomery County Register of Wills is also the agent for the Commonwealth in the collection of PA inheritance taxes. The Montgomery County Register of Wills office is located across the street from the Montgomery County Courthouse, at One Montgomery Plaza, 4th Floor, Norristown, PA. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404, and the office may be reached by phone at 610-278-3400.

Executors and Administrators for a PA Estate

The term “personal representative” can mean either an executor or an administrator of a decedent’s estate. The personal representative of an estate in PA is held to the highest standard of loyalty and care under the law. This means that the personal representative is legally entrusted with certain responsibilities and is under a legal obligation to carry out these responsibilities correctly and in a timely manner. These responsibilities are numerous and can be complicated. For these reasons, executors and administrators of a PA estate often consult our Norristown probate lawyers for assistance.

Responsibilities of a Personal Representative in Norristown, PA

An executor or administrator of an estate in Norristown, PA has many responsibilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the decedent’s intentions are carried out (if there is a Will)
  • Preparing, filing and paying appropriate taxes, including the PA inheritance tax
  • Settling any claims against the estate, including those with Medicaid or other PA state agencies
  • Fulfilling notice and distribution responsibilities with respect to estate beneficiaries and heirs
  • Establishing an estate bank account
  • Gathering and distributing estate assets
  • Selling real estate owned by the decedent
  • Closing the PA estate

Probate Lawyers | Norristown, PA

The Martin Law Firm is a Montgomery County, PA probate and estate administration law firm. Our experienced probate lawyers have been assisting executors and administrators with Will probate and estate administration matters in Norristown, PA for over 10 years. An executor’s or administrator’s responsibilities are numerous, complicated, and can be difficult without appropriate legal guidance and resources. An experienced Norristown probate lawyer can help ease the burden associated with the administration of an estate and can help shield the executor or administrator from personal liability. Our attorneys offer reasonable fees and flexible appointment schedules for your convenience. Contact The Martin Law Firm for a free estate administration evaluation with a knowledgeable Norristown, PA probate lawyer.