The experienced Will probate attorneys at The Martin Law Firm regularly assist executors and administrators with Will probate and estate administration in the Delaware County, PA Register of Wills. The Martin Law Firm’s experienced Will probate attorneys represent executors in Will probate matters living in Broomall, Chester, Lansdowne, Media, Springfield, Swarthmore, and the rest of Delaware County, PA.

Will probate in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

The Delaware County Register of Wills is responsible for the probate of Wills and the processing of estates where there is no Will, called “intestate estates.” The Delaware County, Pennsylvania Register of Wills is located at the Delaware County Government Center, at 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063. The Delaware County Register of Wills may be reached by phone at 610-891-4400.

The role of the Delaware County Register of Wills in the estate administration process is significant. The Delaware Register of Wills office is responsible for ensuring an executor’s compliance with all applicable estate laws in PA. In addition, the Register serves as the agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the collection of inheritance taxes.

The executor of the estate

An executor, also known as a personal representative, is typically named in the decedent’s Will. The executor is usually a close family member or friend of the decedent. In general, the executor of the estate must follow the directions in the Will and make distribution to the estate beneficiaries. Distributions to estate beneficiaries may be made only after all probate formalities have been followed and all expenses of the estate have been satisfied.

For any Will probate matter based in Delaware County, PA, the executor is considered a fiduciary, meaning that he or she is held to the highest standards of loyalty and care under the law. An estate executor in Delaware County is required to comply with PA state law and carry out the decedent’s intentions. If the executor fails at carrying out any of these obligations, he or she can be held personally liable for his or her actions on behalf of the estate. Therefore, any executor of a decedent’s estate should be very prudent. An experienced and skilled Delaware County, PA Will probate lawyer can help.

Fees for legal representation of an executor in Delaware County, PA

Pennsylvania law does not have express requirements for what attorneys may or may not charge for Will probate, except to say that the fees must be reasonable. The Martin Law Firm offers a variety of fee arrangements to executors including flat fees, hourly fees or contingency fee arrangements. During your free initial consultation, you and an experienced Will probate attorney at The Martin Law Firm can discuss an appropriate fee prior to the commencement of attorney representation. The fees are paid by the estate, and fees are deductible for inheritance tax and estate tax purposes.

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If you are named as an executor or personal representative and you have questions regarding Delaware County, PA Will probate, The Martin Law Firm can help. An executor’s responsibilities are numerous, complicated, and can be difficult without appropriate guidance and resources. An experienced Delaware County, PA probate attorney can help ease the burden associated with Will probate and estate administration. Contact The Martin Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Delaware County, PA probate lawyer.