Estate Claims Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

In Pennsylvania, the executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate is responsible for handling all claims against the estate. This includes responsibility for payment of all debts and expenses that existed at the time of the decedent’s death or that have been incurred during the probate process. Under PA law, an executor or administrator must notify all creditors of the estate regarding the estate administration.

Creditors can file a claim against the estate with the court in order to put the executor or administrator on notice of the existence of the debt. The executor or administrator must determine the validity of the debt before making arrangements for payment.


Responsibilities of an Executor or Administrator for Estate Claims in PA

An executor or administrator of an estate in PA is also required to perform other tasks with regard to claims against the estate. Some of these tasks are as follows: provide statutory notice to creditors pursuant to PA law; take reasonable steps to ascertain what the decedent’s debts are; determine whether any asserted debts are not truly and legally owed; determine whether the estate is solvent and its ability to pay all debts and expenses; file and serve on appropriate parties an allowance or disallowance as to every debt or asserted debt; keep an accurate accounting of all debts and expenses; and ensure that all estate debts are paid in full before distributing any estate assets to the heirs and beneficiaries. Executors and administrators must ensure that their legal duties are strictly followed to avoid personal liability for claims against the estate.


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