Debt Collection Attorney: Plymouth Meeting, PA

There are several advantages to using the assistance of a professional debt collection lawyer to recover outstanding business debts based in Plymouth Meeting, PA. An experienced Plymouth Meeting debt collection lawyer can utilize the Montgomery County, PA court system to provide business clients with effective debt collection efforts. In contrast, collection agencies are limited to demand letters and phone calls. A Plymouth Meeting, PA debt collection lawyer can file a lawsuit in Montgomery County or any other county where the debtor is located, and this will force the debtor to pay the debt, settle or face a money judgment.

A Plymouth Meeting, PA debt collection lawyer can then use post-judgment collection remedies to enforce the judgment. Post-judgment remedies include garnishing bank accounts, sheriff sales and liens to take what the debtor is unwilling to pay. Our skilled Plymouth Meeting debt collection lawyers understand the importance of debt collections for business clients, and our law firm takes a fast, aggressive approach to the collection of our clients’ accounts receivables with results-focused debt collection strategies.


Debt Collection for Out-of-State Businesses, Out-of-State Attorneys and Other Legal Personnel

Our commercial debt collection lawyers represent business clients all over the country. Our collection lawyers assist businesses in various industries, including banking, computers and technology, advertising and marketing, construction, and other providers of goods and services. Businesses seeking to collect a debt from an individual or business residing or conducting business in Plymouth Meeting, PA should seek the assistance of a debt collection lawyer to recover what is owed to them.

Our Plymouth Meeting debt collection lawyers also regularly assist attorneys, in-house counsel, paralegals, and other companies and individuals with the filing of a foreign judgment in Pennsylvania.


Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Plymouth Meeting, PA

A judgment creditor from outside of Pennsylvania can enforce the judgment, known as a foreign judgment, in Pennsylvania through a knowledgeable Plymouth Meeting debt collection lawyer. The process of enforcement of a foreign judgment in PA has many specific procedural requirements that must be adhered to, and our Plymouth Meeting debt collection lawyers are familiar with the requirements for each step of the process. We are proud to have helped many clients from out-of-state successfully collect on outstanding debts through the foreign judgment process.


Contact a Plymouth Meeting, PA Debt Collection Lawyer

The Martin Law Firm concentrates in the areas of commercial debt collections and enforcement of foreign judgments in Pennsylvania, including Plymouth Meeting and its surrounding areas. Our aggressive, experienced debt collection lawyers keep our clients informed of our plan of action, risks and fees, and we communicate with our clients every step of the way. When a debt collection matter is based in Plymouth Meeting, PA, a debt collection lawyer at The Martin Law Firm has the skills and experience to prepare the case for settlement or trial. Contact a debt collection lawyer at The Martin Law Firm for a free case evaluation at 215-646-3980.