Debt Collection Attorney: Montgomery County, PA

The Martin Law Firm is a Montgomery County, PA commercial debt collections law firm located in Blue Bell, PA. Our debt collections law firm is dedicated to helping businesses collect unpaid invoices and bills from debtors located throughout Montgomery County, PA. We represent both small businesses and large companies for commercial debt collection matters involving goods or services.

Our experienced Montgomery County, PA collections lawyers are sensitive to our clients’ need for quick action and successful results with regard to debt collection matters. We offer a free case evaluation for commercial debt collection matters.


Debt Collection Procedures in Montgomery County, PA

Our standard Montgomery County, PA debt collection procedures have proved to be both efficient and effective for our business creditor clients. Below is a rough outline of our collections analysis. our clients always know the plan of action, risks and fees, and we communicate with our clients every step of the way.

1. An experienced Montgomery County, PA collections lawyer from The Martin Law Firm will help you to identify the proper name and address of the debtor. This may seem like basic common sense; however, there are many occasions when the debtor is actually difficult to identify. For example, without a written contract, you may not be sure whether the debtor is an individual or a company, whether the debtor is a limited liability company (LLC) or a Pennsylvania corporation, or whether the debtor is a legal entity versus a fictitious entity. Your skilled collections lawyer can help to solve this dilemma.

2. Your collections lawyer will help to identify the full amount of the debt. In simple debt collection scenarios, you will have invoices that are easily understandable and remain unpaid by a Montgomery County, PA debtor. In other situations, there may be some unresolved issues when services were not completed or when goods were returned. Careful examination of the nature of the debt collection matter and identification of the full amount of the debt are necessary steps to successful debt collections in Montgomery County, PA.

3. Your skilled collections lawyer will discuss the particular legal issues involved in your case with you before commencing with the legal representation. Sometimes a Montgomery County, PA debt collection matter is more complicated than just an unpaid bill. Often in commercial collection matters, the debtor may have legal defenses that must be carefully analyzed by an experienced collections lawyer. Your collections lawyer will set forth a debt collection strategy with you that incorporates anticipated legal issues, and this is a strength of any good PA collections lawyer.

4. Legal fees for your Montgomery County, PA debt collection matter must be negotiated and set in advance. Our law firm handles collections matters on a contingency, hourly rate, or a combination of both. A good PA collections lawyer will always discuss your debt collection matter in detail to arrive at a fee structure that both the attorney and the client are happy with.

5. The debt collection strategy must be set in motion. The commencement of any collections matter is either a demand letter drafted and sent by your collections lawyer or the filing of a civil complaint in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA. A complaint will initiate a lawsuit.


Contact a Collections Lawyer for Your Montgomery County, PA Debt Collection Matter

When a commercial debt collection matter is litigated in Montgomery County, PA, an experienced collections at The Martin Law Firm has the skills and experience to prepare the case for settlement or trial. Your PA collections lawyer will work diligently to take swift, aggressive action to recover money owed to you. Pennsylvania law places strict time limits on how long you have to collect a debt against a PA debtor, so it is imperative that you contact a PA collections lawyer as soon as possible if you wish to pursue a debt collection claim.

If you are business, large or small, with a PA collections matter and you are seeking a good Montgomery County, PA collections lawyer, contact The Martin Law Firm today at 215-646-3980 for a free case evaluation.