Debt Collection Attorney: King of Prussia, PA

The Martin Law Firm is a Pennsylvania commercial debt collections law firm that regularly handles business debt collection matters in King of Prussia, PA on behalf of business creditors. Our experienced debt collection attorneys take swift, aggressive action against debtors located in King of Prussia and throughout Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania law places strict time limits on how long you have to collect debts against a PA debtor; therefore, if you wish to pursue a debt collection claim in King of Prussia or anywhere in Pennsylvania, you should contact a PA debt collections attorney at The Martin Law Firm as soon as possible. Call The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980 or complete the Debt Collections Case Evaluation Form on this page to contact an experienced King of Prussia, PA debt collections attorney.


Commercial Debtors in King of Prussia, PA

King of Prussia, PA is a highly developed community and a center of business and commerce within Montgomery County, PA. It is home to the King of Prussia Mall, the largest shopping complex on the east coast, as well as various hotels, offices, strip malls, restaurants, freeways and a convention center. King of Prussia is also home to over 200 companies, including Lockheed Martin, AT&T Wireless, General Electric, Merck & Co., and Fidelity Investments. Like the rest of Montgomery County, PA, King of Prussia continues to experience rapid development.


How a King of Prussia, PA Debt Collections Attorney Can Help You

There are several advantages to utilizing the services of a professional debt collections attorney to recover outstanding commercial debts based in King of Prussia. Our experienced PA debt collections attorneys can utilize the Pennsylvania court system to provide our business clients with debt collection services that are both efficient and effective. While traditional collection agencies are limited to letters and phone calls, a King of Prussia, PA debt collections attorney can file a lawsuit in the county where the debtor is located, and this will force the debtor to pay the debt, reach a settlement, or face a money judgment, which can then be executed upon.

After a judgment has been obtained, the skilled debt collections attorneys at The Martin Law Firm can set post-judgment debt collection remedies in motion to enforce the judgment. These post-judgment remedies include garnishment of bank accounts, sheriff sales and liens to take what the debtor is unwilling to pay you voluntarily. Our commercial debt collection attorneys understand that debt collections are vital to your business, so our law firm takes a fast, aggressive approach to the collection of our clients’ accounts receivables with results-focused debt collection strategies.


Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in PA

A judgment creditor from another state can enforce an out-of-state judgment – known as a foreign judgment – in Pennsylvania through our knowledgeable PA debt collections attorneys. The enforcement of a foreign judgment in PA is a process containing many specific procedural requirements that must be adhered to, and our PA debt collections attorneys are familiar with each step of the process. We are proud to have helped many clients from out-of-state successfully collect on outstanding debts through the foreign judgment process.


Contact a King of Prussia, PA Debt Collections Attorney

The Martin Law Firm concentrates in the areas of commercial debt collections and enforcement of foreign judgments in Pennsylvania, including King of Prussia and its surrounding areas. Our experienced debt collection attorneys keep our clients informed of our plan of action, risks and fees, and we communicate with our clients every step of the way. If you are facing a commercial debt collection matter based in King of Prussia, PA, a collections attorney from The Martin Law Firm has the skills and expertise necessary to produce results efficiently and effectively. Contact a debt collections attorney at The Martin Law Firm for a free case evaluation at 215-646-3980.