Debt Collection Attorney: Delaware County, PA

Delaware County, PA is Pennsylvania’s fifth most populous county and home to many commercial enterprises, both large and small. Our aggressive, experienced debt collection lawyers regularly assist business creditors nationwide with debt collection matters for debtors located in Delaware County, including Media, Chester, Collingdale, Lansdowne and Prospect Park.


Commercial Debt Collection Strategy in Delaware County, PA

At The Martin Law Firm, our debt collection lawyers are armed with the skill, experience and resources necessary for effective business debt collections. Our commercial debt collection process is designed to maximize successful results and ensure client satisfaction. Our debt collection lawyers understand that unpaid accounts can cripple a business, and we realize that our clients cannot afford to waste time or money pursuing fruitless collection claims.

In your initial consultation, one of our experienced debt collection lawyers will take the time to thoroughly understand the nature of the matter and will clearly communicate any identifiable risks or obstacles to you so that you can make an informed decision about pursuing recovery prior to commencing a lawsuit in the Delaware County, PA Court of Common Pleas. Your collections attorney will then diligently review the contracts and other associated documentation, identify the proper entities to be sued, and communicate the available legal and tactical solutions to you. Important issues to be considered include the nature of the dispute, amount of the debt, length of delinquency, and potential defenses the debtor may assert.

There are several advantages to utilizing the services of one of our professional debt collection lawyers to recover outstanding business debts from a Delaware County, PA debtor. While collection agencies are limited to letters and phone calls, our debt collection lawyers can utilize the Pennsylvania court system to provide our business clients with effective collection results. A debt collection lawyer can file a lawsuit in Delaware County or any other PA county where the debtor may be located, and this will force the debtor to pay the debt, negotiate a settlement, or face a money judgment.

Our Delaware County debt collection lawyers can then employ post-judgment collection remedies to enforce the judgment. These remedies include garnishing bank accounts, sheriff sales and liens to take what the debtor refuses to pay you voluntarily.


Legal Fees for Debt Collection in Delaware County, PA

Together, you and your debt collections attorney can make an informed decision on how best to proceed against the debtor located in Delaware County. Your legal fees will always be clearly set in advance for any Delaware County, PA debt collection matter. Our debt collection lawyers work on a contingency, by hourly rate, or a combination of both. We feel that once you are fully informed regarding the nature of your case, the risks associated, and the time involved, you can then negotiate appropriate legal fees.


Contact our Delaware County, PA Debt Collection Lawyers for a Free Case Evaluation

The Martin Law Firm concentrates in the areas of commercial debt collection and enforcement of foreign judgments in Pennsylvania, including Delaware County and its surrounding areas. Our skilled debt collection lawyers keep our clients informed of our plan of action, risks and fees, and we communicate with our clients every step of the way. When a commercial debt collection matter is based in Delaware County, PA, the debt collection lawyers at The Martin Law Firm have the skills, experience and resources necessary to prepare the case for settlement or trial. For a free case evaluation, contact an experienced debt collection lawyer at The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980.