Debt Collection Attorney – Out-of-State Judgments

A creditor who obtains a judgment in a federal or state court outside Pennsylvania can enforce that judgment in Pennsylvania. Registering an out of state judgment in Pennsylvania is known as domesticating the judgment. If you are an out of state creditor and you know the debtor or the debtor’s assets are located in Pennsylvania, contact our debt collection attorneys to help you enforcement that judgment in PA.


Enforcing an Out of State Judgment in Pennsylvania

Collecting a judgment in Pennsylvania that was issued from an out of state court is a process that invokes both PA law and U.S. Constitutional protections. The law that governs this process is called the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act. Pennsylvania adopted this law which means PA courts are required to give full faith and credit to the out of state judgment so long as it is properly domesticated. Once domesticated, a debt collection attorney can proceed with collection efforts as if the judgment was originally obtained in PA.


Collection Remedies after Domestication

Obtaining a judgment is half the battle. If the debtor refuses to satisfy the judgment through payment, the creditor must proceed with post-judgment collection remedies. Post-judgment collection practices require 1) locating the debtor’s assets and 2) legally using those assets to satisfy the debt. Our debt collection attorneys use private investigation, depositions, subpoenas, and document requests to locate assets of the debtor. When assets are identified, our attorneys use the Writ of Execution to cause the Sheriff to take the assets to satisfy the judgment.


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We provide flexible, efficient, and aggressive representation for our clients. If you are a law firm, business or individual, we can work with you to domesticate an out of state judgment and proceed quickly with enforcement of that judgment. Call us today to discuss your case, our process and our fees.