Debt Collection Demand Letters

The debt collection process often begins with a demand letter. A formal demand letter is an important first step in the debt collection process because it gives the debtor notice that an attorney is involved in the matter. When a debtor receives a written demand for payment on an attorney letterhead, the debtor often elevates that debt to the top of the pile to avoid a lawsuit. Generally, a demand letter provides the following advantages for the creditor:

  • It demonstrates to the debtor that you are serious about collection efforts
  • It may be legally required prior to initiating debt collection proceedings in court
  • It can preserve remedies available to you (i.e., time frame for charging interest)
  • It may qualify you for additional remedies (i.e., penalties or attorney fees)


Law Firm Demand Letters

We prepare our demand letters with careful attention to detail and in compliance with applicable law (e.g. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). We make sure that the demand letter clearly specifies who we represent, the amount of the debt, how the debt was incurred, the amount of interest or penalties, and consequences for continued failure to pay. We also attach all relevant documentation including the contract between you and the debtor (if applicable), statements, invoices, and any other relevant information that supports your right to payment of the debt. The demand letter will also warn the debtor that a lawsuit will be filed if payment is not received within a specified time period.

The debt collection attorneys at The Martin Law Firm, P.C. have been assisting creditors for over 15 years. We provide legal solutions for collection of debts. Contact us today to discuss our debt collection process, fees and how we can help get you paid.