Debt Collection – Default Judgments

Our collection attorneys take a simple 3 step approach to collection matters:

  1. Demand Letter
  2. Civil Lawsuit
  3. Enforcement and Collection of a Judgment

The benefit to hiring collection attorneys as opposed to a collection agency is an attorney’s ability to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the creditor and obtain a judgment. To begin a lawsuit, a Complaint is filed and served on the debtor. In Pennsylvania, the debtor has 20 days to file an Answer to the Complaint. If the debtor fails to file an Answer, then the creditor-plaintiff can enter a Default Judgment against the debtor after proper notice is given.


Benefits of a Default Judgment

A Default Judgment is a court decision to enter into the public record a monetary amount that the creditor is entitled to. It is a legal judgment that operates the same as if the court awarded a judgment after a trial. Therefore, after the Default Judgment is obtained, an attorney can proceed with all legal remedies to enforce and collect on the judgment. The benefits of a Default Judgment are:

  • Quick judgment as opposed to a lengthy litigation process
  • The judgment automatically attaches as a lien on real estate owned by the debtor
  • No delays to enforce the judgment
  • Assets located and seized can be used to satisfy the judgment


Debt Collection Attorneys

Hiring a debt collection attorney is advantageous because an attorney can commence a civil action and obtain a judgment against the debtor. Obtaining a judgment triggers post judgment remedies to increase the chances of getting paid. Even when a Default Judgment is not possible, the attorneys at The Martin Law Firm have the experience to litigate the dispute and prepare the case for a trial.