Debt Collection: Commercial Debts $8k – $100k

The Martin Law Firm is an experienced Pennsylvania commercial debt collection law firm. Our skilled PA debt collection attorneys represent business creditors from across the country for assistance with debt collection matters for debtors located throughout Pennsylvania. Our collection attorneys have a thorough understanding of the laws governing commercial debt collections, and we possess the experience and resources necessary to collect past-due accounts from debtors across PA.


Out-of-State Debt Collections in Pennsylvania

The Martin Law Firm offers a variety of commercial debt collection services to business clients located both in-state and out-of-state who are in need of assistance. Our experienced PA debt collection attorneys regularly represent businesses located out-of-state for debt collection matters from debtors located within Pennsylvania.

There are several advantages to retaining the services of a skilled PA collections attorney to recover outstanding business debts. Since our attorneys do not act as a collection agency, we are able to utilize the Pennsylvania court system to help bring about a quick resolution to your debt collection matter. Your PA debt collection attorney can file a lawsuit in the Pennsylvania county where the debtor is located, forcing the debtor to pay the debt, reach a settlement agreement, or face a money judgment. Once a PA judgment is obtained, our collection attorneys can employ post-judgment collection remedies, including bank account garnishment, liens, and Sheriff sales to take what the debtor is unwilling to pay voluntarily.


Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in PA

In addition, our debt collection attorneys regularly assist out-of-state businesses, attorneys and other legal personnel with the enforcement of a foreign judgment in Pennsylvania. Under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, a judgment creditor from any other state can enforce that judgment in PA. Our PA collection attorneys are familiar with each step of the enforcement of foreign judgment process and strictly adhere to the specific procedural requirements outlined in the law. Once a foreign judgment has been properly transferred, the judgment has the same effect as if it were originally obtained in the PA court system. Read more about Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in PA.


PA Debt Collection Attorneys

The commercial debt collection attorneys at The Martin Law Firm are prepared to serve your Pennsylvania debt collection needs and will be happy to speak with you personally to arrange for a highly effective commercial debt collection campaign tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our collection attorneys and administrative staff provide excellent client service and support to assist with all stages of the collection process. Contact The Martin Law Firm today at 215-646-3980 to speak with an experienced PA debt collection attorney about your case.