Montgomery County, PA DUI Expungement

Certain criminal offenders in Pennsylvania are eligible for expungement, or removal, of a charge from their criminal record. The skilled PA expungement lawyers at The Martin Law Firm regularly help clients clear their criminal records through the ARD expungement process in Southeast Pennsylvania.


Expungement in PA Offers a Chance at a Fresh Start

Many people realize that a criminal record can negatively impact your personal life and professional opportunities. Fortunately, expungement offers eligible offenders a chance at a fresh start. Certain first-time, non-violent criminal offenders in Pennsylvania, such as those charged with DUI, are eligible for a pre-trial program known as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition).

Individuals who successfully complete the ARD program in PA are eligible for expungement of the charge from their criminal record. Having a criminal record properly expunged removes the arrest from public records, ensuring that your arrest will not show up if an employer performs a criminal background check during the hiring process.


ARD Expungement in PA

Eligibility for expungement in PA is extremely limited. The most common condition for expungement is completion of the ARD program. You may be eligible for expungement of your criminal record if you have successfully completed all of the ARD terms and conditions, including fines and costs, probation, community service, and drug and alcohol treatment.

The application for ARD expungement in PA is extremely detailed, and a lengthy process is required to submit the documentation to the Court in full compliance with the local Court Rules.

A petition for expungement must be approved by a Judge, and a Court Order must be obtained that orders affected state and local government agencies to erase the charge from their records. In addition, confirmations must be obtained to ensure that the records have been properly expunged. Any error can cause the expungement application to be denied, so it is important to have an experienced attorney handle the process.


PA Expungement Lawyers

Expungement of your criminal record can be a real opportunity for a first-time, non-violent offender to undergo a period of ARD probation, avoid jail time, and clear their criminal record. However, the conditions for expungement in PA are extremely limited.

Even first-time offenders should not assume that they will be accepted, as eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Even at early stages in the criminal process, it can be easy to make mistakes that impact eligibility for this program, and therefore, it is important to consult with an experienced PA expungement lawyer not only to discuss eligibility, but also to help with the tedious application process and to ensure that your records are properly expunged.