Norristown, PA DUI Lawyers

The experienced Montgomery County, PA DUI lawyers at The Martin Law Firm have been serving the Norristown, PA area for over 10 years. Matters involving alleged DUI – drunk driving or drugged driving – in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania may be heard at the Court of Common Pleas, located in downtown Norristown. Our experienced Norristown, PA DUI lawyers will help you to anticipate how the prosecution will proceed against you and will help you to develop an effective defense strategy.


DUI Defense Strategies in Norristown, PA

At The Martin Law Firm, your Norristown, PA DUI lawyer will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your case, exploring every option for defense of your drunk driving or drugged driving charges. Issues that can arise include challenges to the accuracy of evidence against you, lack of reasonable suspicion for a police stop, lack of probable cause to make an arrest, or violations of illegal search and seizure protections.

In addition, your Norristown, PA DUI lawyer may be able to provide you with practical alternative sentencing options to reduce the impact of the DUI charge on your life. Alternative punishments that may be available in Norristown, PA include ARD probation, drug and alcohol treatment programs, Drug Court, house arrest, and expungement.


Norristown, PA Police Department | DUI Arrests

DUI lawyer Norristown PAThe Norristown Police Department is the primary organization responsible for law enforcement activities throughout Norristown Borough. The Norristown Police Department is staffed by approximately 70 sworn PA police officers.

One of the Department’s top priorities is identifying and removing impaired drivers from the roadways, often resulting in arrests for DUI or DUID. The Norristown Police Department is located at 235 East Airy Street, Norristown, PA 19401. Anyone who has been charged with DUI by the Norristown Police Department or the PA State Police should contact an experienced PA DUI attorney as soon as possible following his or her arrest.


DUI Lawyers in Norristown, PA

The Martin Law Firm is a DUI defense law firm serving Norristown, PA and the surrounding areas. Our Norristown, PA DUI lawyers possess the skills and resources necessary to minimize the impact of your DUI arrest.

Our DUI lawyers will work diligently to provide the strongest legal defense available to you and to achieve the best results possible for your case. Contact a Norristown, PA DUI lawyer at The Martin Law Firm for a free case evaluation at 215-646-3980.