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Our experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyers provide excellent legal representation and personal service to our clients facing DUI charges in Cheltenham Township, PA. Your DUI lawyer will outline the criminal process for you, taking the time to fully explain the options and legal defenses that are available to you while ensuring that your legal rights remain protected.

Additionally, our Cheltenham, PA DUI lawyers can provide you with alternative penalties designed to reduce the impact of the DUI charges on your life, including Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) probation, alcohol treatment programs, house arrest, and expungement of the DUI charge from your criminal record.


PA DUI Arrests by the Cheltenham Township Police

Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania is made up of approximately 9 square miles, which are vigilantly patrolled by the Cheltenham Township Police Department. The Cheltenham Police Department’s Patrol Division is regularly on the lookout for impaired drivers to arrest for DUI.

The Cheltenham Police must adhere to very specific procedural requirements in order to make a valid arrest for DUI, and any deviation from these requirements is cause to challenge the legitimacy of the arrest. The Cheltenham Township Police Department is located at 8230 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027.


Cheltenham Township Drug Task Force – Drug DUI

In addition to the Patrol Division, the Cheltenham Police Department also includes a special Drug Task Force whose officers can assist in arrests for driving under the influence of drugs, also called drugged driving or drugged DUI.

The Cheltenham Township Drug Task Force is funded through the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and is made up of members of the Cheltenham Police Department who are sworn Montgomery County, PA Detectives. These officers receive extensive specialized training regarding narcotics violations, including DUI and drugged driving, and many of the officers are recognized as “narcotics experts” for the purpose of courtroom testimony.


Experienced DUI Attorneys in Cheltenham, PA

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