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A conviction for possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or any other controlled substance can have a destructive impact on your life. It can lead to the forfeiture of your car, house, or other property if connected to the drug conviction. If you are charged with a drug possession in West Norriton Township, you need the experience offered by a drug possession attorney from The Martin Law Firm.

Most defenses of drug possession and drug sales charges center on how you were arrested. Police are duty-bound to conduct themselves according to strict rules prescribed by national and state laws. If those rules are broken, your arrest can be ruled illegal, any evidence or confession can be suppressed and charges can be dropped.

With a careful review of the evidence against you, a defense strategy can be implemented. As your future is in jeopardy, it is advised that you contact The Martin Law Firm immediately after the arrest and prior to answering questions regarding the case. It is crucial to get legal representation quickly when facing criminal charges. Contact our West Norriton Township drug possession attorneys at 215-646-3980 and ensure your case is given the aggressive defense needed to help you.


Drug Possession Penalties in West Norriton Township, PA

Pennsylvania drug possession penalties can be severe. In many cases, there are mandatory minimum penalties if you are convicted. The experienced attorneys at The Martin Law Firm will determine if the search that led to your arrest was lawful or if your rights were somehow violated in the process of your arrest. There are many possibilities that could result in the charges being entirely dropped. Please visit our Drug Crime Penalties page to learn more.

You can be charged with drug possession in Montgomery County, PA if you are in possession of a drug or other illegal substance classified under any of the PA Drug Schedules. Drug possession charges usually apply if you are found carrying marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, or other illegal narcotics; however, possession charges are possible for certain legally available drugs (i.e., prescription medications) if you possess them without a proper prescription.

Alternative sentencing programs are also available in Montgomery County for certain offenders of drug-related offenses. Section 17, also known as “Probation Without Verdict”, is just one program available for first-time offenders. If this is a first offense and you have no priors, you may qualify, which means your charges can be dismissed and your criminal record expunged. Our attorneys are familiar with this option and with other programs and can guide you through the complicated application processes.


Drug Charges in West Norriton Township

Consisting of twenty seven sworn officers and a civilian office support staff of five, the West Norriton Police Department patrols a suburban area of 5 square miles and serves a population of approximately seventeen thousand people. The West Norriton Police Department contains a Patrol Division and Detective Division which investigate any drug-related offenses in West Norriton Township. While police must adhere to strict guidelines and procedures, this is not always the case. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are thorough in examining the details of your case to determine if your rights have been violated by the police.

The West Norriton Township District Court, Magisterial District #38-1-01, is located at 317 W. Germantown Pike Norristown, PA 19403-4227. Magisterial district courts are responsible for adjudicating all traffic and non-traffic citations as well as processing criminal and private criminal complaints inclusive of arraignments and preliminary hearings, the handling of certain civil and landlord tenant complaints, as well as parking violations. This is where your drug possession or other drug criminal case will initially be heard as it enters the PA criminal justice system.


PA Drug Possession Attorney – West Norriton Township

If you or a loved one have been accused of possessing illegal drugs, but have not yet been charged with a crime, call us immediately. We may be able to prevent charges from being filed against you by defending you before the investigation begins to build steam. We have a long history of warding off charges and ensuring an out-of-court solution to your situation. It is important, whether you are innocent or guilty of drug possession, that you do everything in your power to stop the investigation at the start. Once you have been charged with a crime your case will be more difficult to defend and the likelihood of a dismissal or acquittal decreases.

The seasoned drug possession attorneys at The Martin Law Firm have over 10 years of experience in the defense of serious drug charges and have developed strong abilities and resources to defend drug possession charges of all types. Contact an experienced West Norriton Township, PA drug possession attorney at The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980 today to schedule a case evaluation.