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Drug possession is one of the most commonly committed drug offenses in Upper Gwynedd Township, PA. Drug possession is also one of the most frequently prosecuted drug crimes in Montgomery County. Possession of an illegal drug is a serious crime, and conviction can lead to substantial jail time, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record. Drug offenses range in severity from misdemeanor offenses like possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia to felony crimes such as drug trafficking and the sale of narcotics. If you have been arrested for drug possession or another drug offense, you should contact an experienced PA drug possession attorney at The Martin Law Firm as soon as possible.

The Upper Gwynedd Police Department is committed to serving the Upper Gwynedd community in a highly professional and ethical manner. The Department investigates all narcotics violations and any drug-related offenses in Upper Gwynedd Township, including possession offenses involving marijuana, cocaine, and other controlled substances.

Our drug possession attorneys can review the charges against you, evaluate the best legal course of action to take and begin the steps necessary to a strong and effective defense. We will evaluate your case for free and aim to provide clients with affordable, reliable legal counsel and timely communications. Contact our Upper Gwynedd drug possession attorneys at 215-646-3980 and ensure your case is given the aggressive defense needed to help you.


Alternative Sentencing for Drug Crimes in Upper Gwynedd Township, PA

Drug Possession Attorneys Upper Gwynedd TownshipMany individuals in Upper Gwynedd Township are arrested each year for drug crimes and offenses related to severe drug addiction and chemical dependence. Alternative sentencing programs were created to help solve these drug crimes at the source. If a drug offender is never treated for their addiction, chances are upon release back into society they will continue to participate in drug-related activity. Judges and legislators in Pennsylvania have realized this and have enacted alternative sentencing programs that rehabilitate drug offenders.

The Montgomery County Circuit Court Adult Drug Court Program is a voluntary program that offers offenders with drug and/or alcohol-dependency problems an opportunity to break the cycle of addiction and crime through intensive treatment and monitoring as well as direct attention from the court. The experienced attorneys at The Martin Law Firm can guide you through this process and help to ensure a positive result.


Drug Possession Law Firm in Upper Gwynedd Township, PA

Located in central Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Upper Gwynedd Township depicts living at its best with a unique combination of history and progress. Upper Gwynedd encompasses many residents in the North Wales Borough, as well. District Court 38-1-21 for Upper Gwynedd Township is located in Blue Bell, minutes from the offices of The Martin Law Firm. The Upper Gwynedd District Court is located at 653 Blue Bell West, Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, PA, 19422-1793, and is where the first level of your drug possession matter will be held.

The skilled drug possession attorneys at The Martin Law Firm have been defending individuals against drug possession and drug-related offenses in the Upper Gwynedd Township area for over 10 years. Having a drug offense on one’s record can greatly affect that person’s ability to obtain a job, get into school and/or obtain a scholarship.

It can also affect one’s ability to enter into any branch of the armed services. Our criminal attorneys can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you and will work diligently to provide the strongest defense and to achieve the best results possible.

Our drug possession attorneys are knowledgeable, aggressive and dedicated to securing the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients. Contact us today and put your future in capable hands. We offer a free initial case evaluation for any Upper Gwynedd Township, PA drug crime matter. Contact an experienced Upper Gwynedd Township, PA drug crime attorney at The Martin Law Firm at 215-646-3980 today to schedule a case evaluation.