Montgomery County, PA Divorce Lawyers

The Martin Law Firm, P.C. focuses on family law and divorce law in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding southeastern Pennsylvania region. We are honest and we strive to meet your needs during this challenging time. Our top client priority in these matters is being available to you when you need us. Whether an unexpected issue arises, you receive a communication from your spouse that you need to discuss, you want a case status, or you just need re-assurance regarding a particular course of action, we are always a phone call or an email away.

Other Divorce Matters

In most divorce proceedings, financial matters are often matters that must be resolved. Our attorneys will help you with the following:

Return to our Family Law page for links to other family law matters such as child custody, domestic violence, and protection from abuse.


Divorce Consultation

Many firms offer a “free consultation”. A free consultation sounds good, but a free consultation will not include a detailed, substantive discussion on your particular situation. Over the years, we have found that individuals contemplating divorce or who have been served with a divorce complaint want two things: 1) an honest discussion with an experienced attorney who can provide initial guidance and information that relates specifically to the individual’s situation and 2) an opportunity to meet with and evaluate a divorce lawyer before hiring him or her for divorce representation.

We believe that a reasonable and affordable initial consultation in our office with one of our attorneys is best suited to accomplish your goals. When you call, we will arrange an immediate appointment for you. This appointment will be a fixed fee of $300 for up to one-hour with a divorce lawyer. During this initial consultation, we will:

  • obtain information from you regarding your marriage, separation, and children;
  • discuss your financial situation including your income, your spouse’s income, your assets and debts, and living expenses;
  • discuss your goals and objectives;
  • listen to your questions and provide you with answers;
  • We will discuss Pennsylvania law, substantive and procedural, that relate to your situation so that you understand the divorce process and the legal issues;
  • We will talk about an initial case strategy and determine how to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently;
  • We will discuss our fees and estimates for handling your case.

There is no further obligation, unless you want to retain us to assist you. You can decide at that time to retain us or you can leave and take time to think about it. Either way, you will receive valuable information that will help you decide what is best for you. Arrange an appointment today by calling 215-646-3980.